Benedictine Retreat Centre

Benedictine Retreat Centre, which has been annointed by the Holy Spirit to lift up the people to be united in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

People of all denominations migrated to different parts of Kerala. With the hope on life. Many people reached Makkiyad to begin their life afresh. But there hasn't been 'a shepherd and a shelter' to guide them spiritually.

Sensing the need for a spiritual support for the people of the region Benedictine Monastery embarked on a new Ministry. God willingly…. People from all walks of life gathered under one shelter to offer prayers and Holy Mass.This was the humble beginning of the Benedictine Retreat Centre. Today Benedictine retreat centre is raised in the world as ‘The Adobe of the Holy Eucharist.'

Benedictine Retreat Centre is situated at Makkiyad, One of the rural outskirt of Wayanad District in Kerala, India. Though the littlehilly place Makkiyad was obscure to many, it has now a noted place in the map of the world.

Benedictine retreat centre is run under the spiritual care of The Benedictine fathers. Makkiyad is surrounded by hills all the four sides and the Retreat Centre is on a hill popularly acknowledged as ‘The hill of The Holy Eucharist'.

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St Benedict

St. Benedict was born in 480 in the region of Nursia. He came to Rome to study but soon left the city so as to live in silence and to please God alone. He spent some time in a religious community before becoming a hermit in a cave.

"After struggling victoriously against the fundamental human temptations of pride, sensuality and anger, he decided to found a monastery at Subiaco. Years later he established a new community on a mountain, Montecassino, to symbolize the public role of a monastery called to be a light shining for the good of the Church and society. Indeed, when he died in 547 Saint Benedict left behind a thriving spiritual family and a Rule, which invites us to search for God in prayer, obedience and humility while attending faithfully to daily duties and to those in need".

Throughout his life St. Benedict "was immersed in an atmosphere of prayer, the main foundation of his existence. Without prayer there is no experience of God, but Benedict's spirituality was not an interior life divorced from reality. In the disquiet and confusion of his time, he lived under the gaze of God and with his own gaze fixed upon God, though without losing sight of his daily duties and the concrete needs of mankind".

Benedictine Monastery

At a time when Europe was sinking in immorality and spiritual decadence, St Benedict emerged as a reformer of the fallen Europe. When the people were groping in darkness, St Benedict enkindled the lamp of knowledge and faith. He established Benedictine Monastery in 6th century. His motive was to lead the people from their immorality and ignorance to austerity and prayer. And the result was the reformation of Europe from the Dark Age. Sylvestro-Benedictine Monastry, Which is spread across the world, hasits first root in Kerala in 1962.Now it is spread to the other parts of India ,in states like Madyapradesh,Karnataka,Andrapradesh,Assam. Benedictine Fathers follow the teachings of St Benedict in word and deed in the 21st century. They took up the role of the spiritual reformers in the changed world to help the people to renew their life by looking at the Signs of the Time.

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    Ben Retreat

    Retreat on the Annointation of the Holy Eucharist is conducted mostly on every week of the year, starting form Sunday 3:30 pm to Friday 9:00 am. Retreats are conducted by Benedictine fathers of St Joseph Monastry.Thousands from around the world Experience the Divine touch of Healing and the Power of the Deliverance Ministry conducted on everyday of the retreat. Adoration on the Annointation of the Blessed Sacrament is the centre of the entire ministry. During the Adoration of Holy Eucharist the Sick, The downtrodden, the bonded are healed, relieved and delivered from all kinds of bondages. Today The Almighty has raised the hill as The Abode of Holy Eucharist.

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    Intercessory Prayer

    On the Hill of The Abode of The Holy Eucharist, praise and prayers are raised in every second before the Almighty .A group of people pray for the intentions of the people, Church, Pope and the World and for all the ministries conducted in and outside the Retreat centre. Priests, Sisters and the laity people adore and worship the Blessed Sacrament in all the six chapels in the Retreat Centre, offering the prayer request we receive from around the world over phone, mail and letters. This Intercessory Prayer group is the power behind all the ministries of Benedictine Retreat Centre.

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    One Day Convention

    People from all parts of Kerala attend the One day Convention arranged on every second Saturday. People with special intentions and prayers experience the Healing and Deliverance. People are facilitated to have confession and Spiritual Counseling on the day. One Day Conventions begins with Holy Rosary at 9:00 am and ends with the ministry of Deliverance and Healing in the Adoration of the Holy Eucharist at 3:00pm.All the priests ,sisters and the laity serving in the retreat center pray throughout the night before the One day conventions for the intentions of the people.

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    Convention and Parish Ministry

    Benedictine Retreat Centre conducts Retreats and Conventions in Parishes in different Diocese in India, Convents, and Schools & Colleges. All the retreats are lead by the priests from Benedictine Retreat centre. All the service is on The Annointation of the Holy Eucharist’s. Confession and Spiritual counseling ae the part of 5 days conventions. The parish Priest or the responsible person with authority can book the conventions at least six months before. Once the booking is confirmed special prayers must be offered everyday under the parish priest. Our Intercessory prayer team pray for the parish particularly till the end of the conventions and thereafter. All the arrangements for the convention must be completed as per the instructions given by the Benedictine Retreat Team prior before the Convention Day.

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    Out Reach Ministry

    Taking the word of God Benedictine Retreat Team conducts conventions and parish ministry on foreign land. Retreat on the Annointation of the Holy Eucharist is conducted in Germany, USA, Canada, U K Australia, Italy and the Countries and Emirates in Gulf Region. Booking can be done by prior permission from the Director of the retreat Centre.